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A flag with a central broad white horizontal stripe surrounded by a pair of pink stripes surrounded by a pair of red stripes. In the central stripe there are the following elements: In the left drop of blood, in the center the molercular formula of estradiol crossed by a sword and in the right a 5-pointed pink star.
Flag of Alinism-Ksenism. See description. is an informative web site about transsexualism. The site is focused on scientific information supported by the literature. Browse using the links at the top.

This web site is run by the 17beta community which is named after 17β-estradiol (also known as just “estradiol”), the main endogenous estrogen in humans of both sexes.

We make this website for free with the intention that it will be useful for transsex people. However, VPS and domain name costs us money that I (Ksenia) pay out of pocket, money that I would otherwise use for my own transition and other living expenses. If you want to help with paying for the costs of hosting, please donate via Bitcoin to the address 16CcLt78dHAfdAGSmxCnthWemJ42i9eptb. The running cost is approximately 3.15 EUR per month (varies depending on exchange rates).

1. Community and our chat room

We have a XMPP chat room: for the exchange of ideas and experiences and general conversation. If you sympathize with our vision (even if you do not embody it currently), we invite you to join. What sets our community apart is:

  • We approach transsexualism as the choice to transform our bodies to be feminine through the use of female hormones (and optionally surgery). Transsexualism is not a feeling and not about “identifying as a woman”.
  • We are exclusively gynephilic because we appreciate the female form in ourselves and women, and we aim to embody it.
  • We are against gatekeeping and in favor of taking control of our own treatment. We value scientific knowledge that allows us to take our own informed decisions.
  • We see social transition as optional and secondary to physical transition. Those of us who want to be treated as a women by society earn it by passing.
  • We are not a hugbox nor ultraliberals, nor politically correct.
  • Dissent and rational discussion is allowed because it is intellectually enriching.

1.1. XMPP?

XMPP is a decentralized protocol for instant messaging. Register an account in the server of your choice. For a list of public servers, see Alternatively, you can run your own XMPP server. For a client program, I recommend Gajim. For a list of other clients see If you do not want to install any stand-alone program can be used from your web browser.

Although there are centralized instant messaging applications more popular than XMPP, we choose XMPP because it gives users control over their communications, whereas centralized applications put the users at the whim of a company which is free to censor them or invade their privacy as it pleases.

2. Our flag

The meaning of the elements of the flag of Alinism-Ksenism is as follows. The estradiol molecule is the chemical essence of femininity. The sword (a Mainz-type Roman gladius) represents our combativeness in fighting hardship. The drop of blood and the red stripes represents our self sacrifice in improving ourselves and working towards virtue. The pink star and pink stripes represent femininity; the star shape in addition represents our high valuation of femininity. The flag was designed by Ksenia and drawn by Tsarina Effy.

3. Other resources

  • Library Genesis: A digital library for scientific books.
  • Sci-Hub: A digital library for scientific papers.
  • PubMed: Search engine for biology-related papers.
  • PubChem: Database of small molecules with computed and measured properties, and listings of the published literature on the relevant compound.
  • DrugBank: A database of pharmaceuticals and data relevant for their application (commercial names, interactions, et cetera).
  • Binding DB: Data base of binding affinity and related assays.
  • HUGO Gene Nomenclature. In the literature, proteins are often named the same as the gene they are coded in, but note that some genes encode several proteins (e.g.: D2R encodes 2 types of dopamine receptors).
  • “Shortcut to female voice” by Lena.
  • Audacity: Free software for editing audio. Can be used to record and analyze one’s voice.
  • The board /lgbt/ in 4channel. It has a running series of /HRTgen/ threads about MTF pharmacology and practical concerns and a list of online pharmacies that sell HRT pharmaceuticals. I can not vouch for nor against any of the online pharmacies listed there because I have not used them.

3.1. Online HRT sellers

I can not vouch for these vendors, as I have not used them.

4. Collaboration

Please contact me if you are skilled in technical writing, you are knowlegdeable in some aspect of transsexualism (pharmacology, surgery, dating or just living as a trans person) and you want to contribute your knowledge to other trans people. I will be glad to add your contributions in this web site if they are of good quality, with due credit.

5. About the author

I am a Mexican MTF transsexual. I started HRT at 22 years of age. I did not start earlier because of ignorance that it could be done. My main interest is mathematics. I also like physics, chemistry and related areas of engineering, especially electrical power systems. I am vegetarian for moral reasons. Occasionally I contribute code to free software projects. I like Eastern Slav culture (Belarus, Russia, Ukraine).

You can reach me via XMPP (Jabber) thorugh the address or e-mail through the address My OpenPGP key is B242 D57F B4EB C57E 7B8C 635C 7CFB 3171 B838 9B66.

6. Acknowledgements

Photograph of a young Russian woman. Pale skin, green-blue eyes, dark straight hair.
Alina Devis/Kožuhova.

We acknowledge the big contribution of Alina Devis/Kožuhova from Russia in publicly speaking about transition as physical improvement for gynephilic males for the first time in history (as far as it is known to the author). She has appeared in Russian-language television and newspapers advancing that biological males can be beautiful too just like women can be, and can benefit from combining the best traits of both sexes. The Huffington Post published an article in English about her.

The pink pill favicon is in the public domain; adapted by Tsarina Effy.

The Alinism-Ksenism flag is in the public domain; concept by Ksenia; drawn by Tsarina Effy.