1. The Alinist-Ksenist Manifesto

The sexes are not equal, each has its virtues and flaws. The main virtue of the male sex is its sheer reasoning power. In the past, the strength of the male was an advantage. 1000 years ago, if a rock was to be lifted, all the energy required for lifting it had to come from beasts or –from what amounted to the same– men. Now we have machines stronger than the strongest man or team thereof that can be assembled. In the few activities where human strength is an advantage, this signals the need for more technological development, for it is precisely those activities the ones that should be performed by machines, so that humans are freed for more worthy endeavors. The female body is beautiful with its fine facial features, graceful curves, soft and pale skin, and dainty hands, arms, legs and feet. The male body is ugly and insensitive; indeed, it had to be given the tasks that were required from it before automation. The female body can afford to be delicate and sensitive. It is freed from the duty of physical work, and thus it can afford to be beautiful.

Women’s bodies are made to be admired and pleasured. Men’s bodies are made for physical work.

Machines can be made strong easily, but they are only useful if they can apply force under the right conditions. To design and program them, an intelligent being capable of solving abstract problems is required. Machines are also capable of an immense power of computation when expressed in simple arithmetic and control flow directives. This can be put to applications to perform complex tasks by decomposing them into an unimaginable number of such simple operations (like rendering an HTML document that talks about the philosophy of transsexualism, or prove theorems) but doing so is hard, and requires both creativity and some ability to think rigorously. The contemporary male thus finds herself with a mind perfect for her time, but with a body that is well into its obsolescence and falling into irrelevance. Worse, she find herself charged by the price of a body evolved for tasks that are no longer relevant and she will not perform including among others, the burden of a thick skin that can endure abuse but can not enjoy the orgasmic pleasure of even something as simple as caresses.

But the male is also an inventive and curious creature. Her kind has found an almost magical substance capable to free herself from the slavery of a body designed for work: It is female hormones.

Behold! I teach you the way of the superhuman.

Transsexualism is a form of self-improvement. We are biologically male, or at least, we begin that way. We are attracted to women, but love women and femininity beyond simple sexual attraction. We modify our bodies using modern pharmacology (and sometimes surgery) to adopt the desirable traits of women, in specific, secondary sexual characteristics, while preserving those traits of men that are worth preserving. The sheer intelligence of men, the tact of a woman; the tall and slender body of a man, the graceful features of a woman; the courage of a man, the peacefulness of a woman; the stoicism of a man, the empathy of a woman. Obsolete no more, by means of transsexual transitioning, the now estrogenized male has upgraded herself to the best of both sexes and thus overcomes the weaknesses of both male and female.

We also call the result a trans woman. Men and women, male and female, are in the most strict sense defined by anatomy and physiology, thus “trans women” should be taken as idiomatic or allegorical if we are not to incur in absurdities. Notwithstanding that the upgraded male is still a male according to a rigorous interpretation, we find it appropriate for heuristic purposes to describe and refer to her as a woman. Although not necessary, it is recommendable that the trans woman dresses like any other woman would, using clothes designed to emphasize her new feminine beauty. To say she is a man would be as true as it is misleading. She looks like a woman, she smells like a woman; she behaves like a woman. Indeed, she may adopt the name and voice of a woman as an acknowledgment of her inspiration. She deserves to be treated as a woman at least as much as any other woman does. Indeed, the trans woman has more of a claim to womanhood than those women by birth who neither learn, practice, nor care about femininity and womanhood, because she has earned her femininity several times over with her blood, sweat and tears.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

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